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Are you a foreign national?

... want to gain entry into Canada, do you need immigration assistance for yourself or someone else, or do you simply have no time and want someone to help you?

Immigration is a volatile and very dynamic area of law that affects Canadian immigrants at some point in their life. Foreign nationals seeking temporary or permanent resident status usually go through the process themselves, most of the time, without any issues. But not all are fortunate. Some have inadmissibility issues; others, eligibility or some other issue. While others made an innocent mistake but were catastrophically characterized as misrepresentations.


In one article of the Globe and Mail newspaper, from data gathered from Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), in 2017, the refusal rate for temporary resident visa (TRV) applications was 26%. In other words, one in every four TRV application was rejected. Student visa applications were refused at a rate of 33% and non-student TRV at 26%.


We do NOT guarantee you will gain entry, but we can provide assistance and guidance. In the worst cases, we can provide representation before the Immigration Refugee Board and the Federal Court if you intend to avail of legal remedies.

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